McGill Painters At Work

By Keith Gibson

McGill has always been a town that the inhabitants have pride in their community.  The years since Kennecott shut down have been hard on the town as well as the whole county.  Since KCC had operations in the towns of McGill and Ruth, they have been hit the hardest.  The local business establishments have suffered due to loss of customers and the huge KCC payrolls.  However, both towns are not willing to give up and be a ghost town.  Things are happening.  Ruth just put up a memorial to all the miners who were killed in the development of the copper industry that built  WP County’s economic engine.

McGill just this last weekend had it’s annual birthday party.  Three weeks ago the post office received a new coat of paint.  This week it was the McGill sheriff’s office building.  On Friday, the fellows from the Honor Camp  showed up and did a great job of scraping and sanding the outside of the building and then painting the sides and back and putting a coat of primer on the front.  Then early Sunday morning some of the gals on the McGill Revitalization Association arrived on the scene with rollers and brushes.  There was Staci, Cynthia and Sadie and they got right to work.  Andy bought his truck with the paint and ladders and drop cloths.  He soon had a brush in hand.    The four of them did a great job.  A bystander. Buddy, showed up and regaled these hard working folks with  tales of events that he remembered while working out of that office.  Soon, as it always does when McGill folks get together, more and more memories sprang forth.  We remembered the old sheriffs like Cliff Dritzler, Ed Hand, Jim Nicholson, Bill Merrill (Hawkshaw), Jim Browning, Harold Moorehead and James Bell.  We all agreed it was a great town to grow up in.  It has suffered from age and the elements, but with folks like these pitching in and helping it will not die.   If you want to feel such pride in your town, then volunteer for some of the projects that need to be done.  Contact the town council or the MRA.

Here is before and after pictures.

What a difference.  McGill should be proud that there are such townspeople that have pride in their town.  So let me give a big hats off to these folks and the Honor Camp crew for a job well done.

To fully realize how talented these painters are, I searched thru the internet files and looked at the life time work of several greats, like Rembrandt, Monet and even that one eared guy, Van Gogh.  I could not find where they ever showed enough  talent to paint a sheriffs office.  Nope, I couldn’t find one example.  McGill wins again!!

If you want to help, please volunteer some of your time.  Contact the McGill Town Council.  You will get a great feeling in your bones no matter what your age is.   You can also help with a donation.  Send to MRA, P.O. Box 548, McGill, Nv   89318.