Next month will mark the third anniversary of the City’s Recycling Center opening.  Since that time we have continued to increase our tonnage shipments.  This year we have shipped 65 tons of cardboard. We continue to monitor the Recycling markets to ensure us the best price on our goods.

A couple of months ago, we got a visit from our Recycler, Inter west Paper, as they were inspecting all of their clients operations and they found our Center to be extremely clean, condensed and were very impressed with the quality of the recyclables.  Mike Cracraft, from the Parks Dept. continues to fine tune and improve our recycling operation, along with input from Councilwoman Gardner and Paul Holdaway.  This Spring, we secured a Grant from NDEP to help us put a bigger cover over the bailer and we will apply for the same Grant again next month for signage and bins.  Before winter begins, we are hoping to put millings, much like what was used on the golf course road, at the Recycling Center and we hope to manufactur a cover to catch all the loose cardboard.

In three short years, we have come a long way to streamline our efforts and hope that we make it easier to  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

—Thank you, Mayor Van Camp