By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

Scams come in all shapes and sizes these days. The criminals pray on the innocent as well as the elderly. They try to convince their victims that they truly need what their selling, fixing or winning.

Well just the other day I was speaking to our County Recorder, Martha Sindelar and she was telling me that several individuals in our community have received notices in the mail about filing recorded notices. The information they received states that they need to obtain a copy of their current grant deed and property assessment profile.

The letter is very convincing and provides a lot of information on why you should obtain these documents. The letter includes the fees that are required to obtain these records. The problem is they want to charge you $86.00 for their services.

Martha told me that the Recorders Office only charges $1.00 for the same services and only $4.00 to have the same document certified. I don’t know if the company just charges the extra for their time or mailings, but that’s a big difference in cost. When I looked the company up on the internet there were a lot of unhappy customers that stated the same thing about the cost differences to obtain public records. Let’s just say that their reviews were very poor.

So once again buyer beware. Always do your research before you make the commitment to buy. If you ever have a question or concern about emails, phone calls or items you’re received in the mail, don’t hesitate to call the Sheriff’s Office and speak to a deputy to help you determine if someone is trying to scam you.