The $30 Million DOT Project will bring new antique lighting downtown with new and more lighting along Aultman Street and Great Basin Boulevard. New sidewalks will be also added to both sides of Great Basin Boulevard.

A couple of months ago, the City Council voted to take 5% of all Marijuana Sales, up to $5000.00 a year and put that revenue into a restricted fund to be used only for beautification.  This funding will help continue maintenance for our benches, provide flowers for the planters, purchase bike racks, trash receptacles etc.  and we will be able to utilize all the new lighting with bigger and better Street Banners.

Using the Banners, we can brag to our visitors and tourists, all the wonderful activities, events and natural resources White Pine County has to offer.  It’s long term advertising and it’s free.

The DOT Project starts Spring of 2019, our Community gets a badly needed facelift, new infrastructure, sidewalks, lighting, roads and streetscape, how EXCITING!

—Thank you, Mayor Van Camp