Photo by Dave Maxwell
Whitney Prengel goes after the ball in a recent game.  She scored a hat trick in an 8-2 win over Pershing County.  White Pine plays at Fernely and Yerington this week.

The Ely Times

Except for a couple of own-goals in the game with Pershing County, White Pine girls’ soccer would have blanked both its opponents last weekend.

The girls scored a 6-0 win over Battle Mountain and an 8-2 win over Pershing County.

Coach Jared Prengel said his daughter Whitney had a hat trick in second half of the game with Pershing County.

In the first game at Battle Mountain, the Ladycats got three goals in each half. One each from Trace Deeds, Maren Barney, Kailiegh Dumont and Zoe Beckley, and two from Eva Kingston.

“We just spread it around,” Prengel said.

Left winger Sage Dutson had 10 shots on goal in the game, but did not score.

“We like to bring the ball down the left side when we can, because most players are right footed and we might be on the side they are least comfortable with,” Prengel said. “And Sage is a strong player at left wing.”

Battle Mountain was only able to make two shots on goal against the Bobcats defense. “We used freshman Zoie Adams in goal also this game,” Prengel said. “Trying to get her some playing time and experience, and give a bit of relief to our starting goalie Mickell Weston.”

The next day at Pershing County was a 5-0 first half outpouring by White Pine.

The Ladycats peppered the Mustang goalie with 27 shots on goal — at least one from each player on the field — with Whitney Prengel getting the hat trick in the second half.

White Pine was in control of the game most of the time, Prengel said, “just a couple of mistakes led to their scores”

Whitney Prengel was noted for her fine play during the weekend. “She’s one of my strongest defenders, can play the middle really well, and is a threat upfront as a forward,”the coach said.”

This week on the schedule was a game at Fernley on Thursday and Yerington on Friday.

White Pine (3-1, 8-1-1) has had a lot of success with Yerington in the past nine or 10 years Prengel said. However, with Fernley the series since 2010 is tied 3-3-2 with the Bobcats having won the last three.