Special to The Ely Times 

The Bureau of Land Management Ely District, Bristlecone Field Office issued the Record of Decision for GRP Gold Rock, LLC’s Gold Rock Mine Project in rural eastern Nevada.

The decision authorizes the mining operator to re-open and expand the existing Easy Junior Mine.

The Gold Rock Mine Project will include construction and operation of new facilities. Construction and operation of the project will result in approximately 3,901 acres of authorized disturbance, which is located entirely on public land administered by the BLM.

The project is located in the White Pine Mining District in White Pine County.

Andy Britton, vice president and general manager, was contacted for comment and stated the following, “We have been working on this project approximately three years, and we are looking forward to more jobs here in Nevada. This was a culmination of a great working relationship between Fiore Gold and all governmental agencies.”

Fiore Gold Ltd. is a new Americas-focused producer and explorer with the producing Pan Mine here in White Pine County as well as a suite of exploration projects in Nevada, Washington and Chile.

The project will generate 300 jobs during construction and 15-250 jobs during peak mining operations to the rural economy. The life of the mine is expected to be 10 years.

White Pine County Commission Chairman Richard Howe said. “New jobs are a great blessing. housing is going to be a necessity for these additional employees, but this is such a major positive impact on the community in regards to restaurants, hotels and net proceeds for the county.”

GRP Gold Rock, LLC purchased the mine project from Midway Gold U.S., Inc. in May 2016 prior to completion of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the project. The Final Environmental Impact Statement retained the name of Midway, but GRP Gold Rock, LLC is the proponent of the project and is noted as the current proponent in the ROD. GRP Gold Rock, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fiore Gold (US) Inc.

The Bristlecone Field Manager’s decision is to select the Preferred Alternative, which is a combination of elements of the Northwest Main Access Route Alternative, Southern Power Line Route; the Modified County Road Re-Route Alternative; and the Western Tailings Storage Facility Alternative; along with the applicant-committed environmental protection measures included in the Plan of Operations, and the mitigation measures specified in Chapter 4 and Appendix 4A of the Final EIS for the Project. The Preferred Alternative is the alternative that best fulfills the agency’s statutory mission and responsibilities, considering economic, environmental, technical, and other factors. The BLM has determined that implementation of this decision with the identified monitoring and mitigation measures will not cause unnecessary or undue degradation of the public lands.

Tim Warman, chief executive office of Fiore, in a news release said, “The receipt of the Record of Decision represents the culminatio of years of dedicated work by our permitting and technical staff, and puts the Gold Rock project years ahead of other advanced exploration and development projects in the United States. We recently released a new resource estimate for the project and began additional exploration drilling at Gold Rock for the first time in several years.”

County Commissioner Gary Perea said, “This is great news for White Pine County, it has been a long road to get this project going, but it finally looks like it will happen. This will help to make the new Court House and Jail a reality.”