Submitted by Minis Alderman

With the Catholic Diocese offer that its “gift” from the construction company might be available CHEAP to a local group that might be interested in fixing it up for community use, the Choir Director and one of the Choir accompanists decided to examine the Tabernacle to determine its possibilities after all its having been vacated.

So Mary Harrison and Minis Alderman took flashlights (no power in the building) to sight any damage to main structures, fixtures, built-in furnitures, room divisions, and stairs. To Mary’s delight, the Tabernacle was basically the same that she grew up in. The building foundation seemed solid with no “shaky” spots. However there needed to be electric power to determine the stabilities, repair needs, and costs to return the building for community use. So the Choir sought to determine more solidly the reality of lease or purchase.

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