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Sheriff Scott Henriod shows off some of the bicycles that his department will give away on Saturday.

Special to The Ely Times 

The White Pine County Sheriff’s Office takes in many items that are classified as lost and found.

Items such as keys, wallets, cell phones and bicycles are the most common items that people loose and are turned in.

On Saturday, the sheriff’s office will give away bicycles that they have picked up that have gone unclaimed.

Sheriff Scott Henriod said, “I know when we identify the owner of the item and we get it back to them, they are truly appreciative.”

One of the items that seems to have built up over the years in the lost and found are bicycles.

“I was placing another bicycle into the lost and found the other day and noticed that the amount of bikes is growing. So with that said its time to get them out to children and adults who might need one,” Henriod said.

The giveaway will be Saturday, Sept. 29, from 5 – 6 p.m. at the Public Safety Building located at 1785 Great Basin Blvd.

Some of the bicycles are in need of love and repair and others are ready to go with just a little air in the tires, but they are all free. Bicycles will be given out as a first come first serve status, and only one bike per person will be allowed.

“So if you’re in need of a bike stop by and pick one up.” Henriod said.