This is my project, my passion and my challenge for 2018!

I will be running the NYC Marathon on November 4, 2018, with a team of 77 strong that is built of State Farm people across our nation.

There are agents, Sales Leaders, VPAs, agent team members and employees!

I have committed to raising a minimum of $4500 for the foundation, but I would love to raise my personal goal of $10,000 by October 13th. Any amount you can give would be tremendously appreciated.

The Jimmy V Foundation that I am running under as “Team V,” is operated under an endowment that allows every single penny that I raise to go directly to cancer research.  This foundation has been responsible for creating drugs that help cancer patients combat AND beat cancer, amongst many other accolades within the cancer research arena!

Please check out my fundraising campaign on CrowdRise at