The Ely Times

Do you love your public lands? Do you like to volunteer? Want to help celebrate Nevada’s newest state holiday?

That’s right, Sept. 30 is officially Nevada Public Lands Day. What better way to celebrate the holiday than to get out and help improve them?

The BLM, Forest Service and Great Basin National Park rotate the responsibility each year for hosting the event. This year the US Department of Forestry chose to partner with White Pine County and to work on some restoration at Camp Success.

Camp Success has some issues with dead and dying white fir trees that pose a potential hazard at the facility.

Jose Noriega, district manager for the US Department of Forestry, explained what they would be doing on Saturday.

“We will be working to remove dead trees and fuels around the camp as well as other maintenance projects,” he said. “We are currently working with County Social Services and the firewood from the project will be split and then delivered to low income seniors in the community.  This Project is a win-win for everyone.”

Once the trees are on the ground, the trees will be cut in short firewood lengths. One ton dump trucks, pickup trucks and trailers will be on scene.

Volunteers will assist with loading the firewood rounds into trucks and trailers and at the end of the day the loads will be hauled to a collection location near Ely.

Public Lands Day was created in 2017 during the last legislative session under Bill 449 was approved making the last Saturday in September, Public Lands Day.  Nevada is the second state behind Colorado to designate a State Public Lands Day.

Lunch will be served and educational booths may be on hand as well. More volunteers are always needed, anyone with trucks or trailers who are willing to haul wood off the mountain, would be greatly appreciated. For additional information please contact the US Division of Forestry at 775-289-5100.