September 24, 2018

ROY GEORGE ALLEN: Guilty Count 1: failure to report an accident, a gross misdemeanor. Count 2: attempt to conceal firearm or other deadly weapon. Court will hold judgment on Count 2 until argument is heard as to treatment as felony or gross misdemeanor argument is heard. Court orders the charge of attempted carrying of a concealed weapon will be treated as a gross misdemeanor in violation of NRS 193.330, NRS 193.140. $25 AA, $3 GMA fee. Count 1: 364 days WPCJ, Count 2: 364 days WPCJ, suspended and placed on probation not to exceed 3 years. $350 PSI fee, $715.94 restitution, $48 filing fee for civil judgment. Defendant sensed to 1 day in WPCJ with credit served for 1 day. Both sentences will run concurrent.

LOREN PAUL BETLACH: Probation violation. Court finds the defendant failed to complete the NRS 458.300 program. Court terminates the defendant from the 7th Judicial District Drug Court program, court revokes probation and imposes CR-1711113: 19-48 months NDOC, CR-1707066 – 18-48 months NDOC, concurrent on both cases. Defendant is remanded into the custody of the White Pine County Sheriff.

October 1, 2018

JANE DEE CORBETT: Guilty of transporting a controlled substance, methamphetamine. Court orders $25 AA fee, $3 GMA fee, $50 chemical analysis fee, $250 DNA fee, $350 PSI fee to be deferred. $50 monthly payments, 19-48 months NDOC, suspended. Probation not to exceed 3 years. Defendant to update her medical condition with Parole and Probation monthly. Court orders a substance abuse evaluation to be done within 90 days. Court allows the defendant to have her medical marijuana. 86 days in the WPCJ, with credit for 86 days.