Dear Editor:

I’ve been reading the newspaper regarding the County Wildlife Advisory Board meeting, and all the account of nothing bad happening with weapons in and around towns in White Pine County.

I thought you might want to hear some of my family’s incidents, through the years.  My father in law had a horse shot and killed on Lackawanna Road, just outside the Ely City limits, unknown shooter! My husband and I were standing in our front yard, 6 feet apart in the City limits, when a bullet went right between us, unknown shooter! The Ely City limits go way up the hill past us then South clear to Bath’s property and past it.

Our daughter and two grandchildren were at an intersection in the town of Ruth, when a bullet went from outside the town limits through their windshield over the little children’s heads and 8 inches from our daughters head.  A man spent a year in jail for that incident, it should have been a lot longer.

Our other daughter and her husband were at Sunnyside, when bullets started flying, they had to lay on the floor of their camp trailer, hoping they wouldn’t get hit, unknown shooter.  Their daughter, our granddaughter was shot between the eyes with a BB gun in the Ely City limits, unknown shooter!

These are some of the reason why we should have an updated shooting ordinance.  They said an arrow only goes 100 yds., if you check they can go 300 yds.  A crossbow can be shot 500 yds.  Plus, one more reason, a 14 year old or younger can come up on this hill, alone with his parents’ consent and shoot a rifle that shoots 1000 yds.  Plus, the youngest cannot yet drive, but the shooting is legal. Let’s get REAL and SAFE.

The following are some of the regulations from other Nevada towns: in Lamoille no shooting with 1/2 mile of town limits, in Tonopah no shooting 3 miles from county courthouse, in Jarbrdige no discharging firearms or deadly missiles in town limits, in Carlin no shooting firearms or bows in town limits, in Washoe Co. no shooting within 5000 ft. of an occupied dwelling, in White Pine Co. shooting restrictions in my opinion, need to be updated to address growth in the county, city limits, and school ground locale.

All I want to do is feel safe in my own home and property.  I want that for everyone.  We don’t want to stop anyone from hunting safely.

Debbie Bustos 

Dear Editor,

This article is not in your paper, but it does pertain to Freedom of Speech! The Civil War was part of history on both sides, neither side wanted war, but both sides showered their freedom of speech in what they believed in.  But why does the  north have the right to destroy their flag and statutes that’s their history? What if they won? Would they destroy our statues and burn the American flag? Hell no! The American Flag represents the whole USA, and that red represents freedom of speech for all of us.

Joseph Rowbottom

Dear Editor: 

The value of the example

Educational authorities frequently repeat that education never ends and one of the cores of this law of education is the continuing education.

This is especially necessary for educators (parents and teachers) because they have to develop themselves as individuals, parents, educators, professionals and Christians to improve other people.

Teachers pretend that young people are educated, have the habit of reading and studying, know to take advantage of free time for their personal enrichment and that their subsequent work has a purpose of service to others. But parents and teachers should set an example in all of this.

Teachers educate students with their words, but above everything with the way they are and their example. Experts in education say that words move, but the example draw. The example given in the family is the footprint that remains in children. The behavior of parents is a stimulus and points the way of the behavior of children. They admire their teachers and parents by their fight ability to improve themselves as individuals.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this matter is the consistency. It is essential the consistency of parents between what they say and what they do, as well as between what they demand to their children and what they demand of themselves. If this consistency is applied, parents will gain in prestige and credibility to exercise authority in the family.

If teachers neglect their own personal development it will be difficult to achieve the internal development of children and students, because only educate those who make an effort to improve their own level of development; only teach those who are still learning in adulthood and only help to mature those who have a certain level of maturity.

All this leads to a certain requirement of self-education by teachers, because no one can give what they do not have

Arturo Ramo