The staff of SVHS is proud to announce the student of the month for September 2018, Jaden Rainey. Jaden is a senior and this is his third year attending SVHS.

Jaden was born in Pahrump, NV in 2001 and has lived in Ely since he was one. He likes to hang out at home and enjoys playing video games, mainly first and third person shooting games like Fortnite and Rainbow 6. His grandma taught him how to cook, which he  enjoys, and can make an amazing Indian Taco. He enjoyed watching the Alpha and Omega film series. Other movies he could watch over and over again include Boyka : Undisputed and Ip Man. After his dad told him that someone in the family studied and was good at karate, he became interested in it. One day he would love to visit China so he could learn about Wing Chun. He feels that utilizing his mind and strategizing are very important when doing anything and that if you prepare for the worst case scenario, then you will be good. After graduation, Jaden plans on going on a week long, paid in full vacation to California with a few friends. Although he has had a few issues in the past, he has learned from his mistakes and has matured over the summer.

Jaden was chosen as this month’s Student of the Month because he has shown initiative  and has a great attitude toward his school work. He has shown improvement in his focus and is more contentious of his work and aware where he is at overall, making sure that he is caught up daily and does not fall behind in any of his classes. He has become more social and involved  – he is talking more and paying attention to what is going on around him, showing an interest in others.

Although only a short time has passed into this school year, the SVHS staff is happy to recognize and celebrate Jaden’s accomplishments thus far.  He has been a great addition to our school and we are looking forward to having him attend SVHS for the rest of the school year and will wish him all the best in the future after graduation.