The Leader, Ladies and Gents Outfitters.

McGill Main Street-The Leader

By Keith |Gibson

McGill had a rather short main street, but it went thru a lot of changes over the last 100 or more years.  Some of these were drastic such as turning the large Campton Merc. Store around so that the narrow end of the building faced the main street.  This was done in about 1925.  Other buildings were modified or completely change in appearance.  The U.S. Post Office was moved from the east side of the street to the lower west side where it now stands.  There is a well published photo of it on the east side next to the McGill Drug store.  The photo was the 1919 local school children lined up on main street.  That building later became several different types of business, such as Brownings, McGill Candy Kitchen et. al.  The location is now a vacant lot.

McGill Cafe and Sheriff’s Office.

In a photo of main street that was loaned to me by Doug and Kathleen Harwood,  I was able to blow it up and extract the following photo of the store, “The Leader-Ladies and Gents Outfitters”.

There was no date on the photo.  Some things in the photo that help determine the date are the Clubhouse (1908), Post Office(at least 1919).  So I assume it was between these dates.  It looks like it was next to the Post Office which would place it on the lot that now holds the McGill Café.   I recently took this phot of the McGill Café.

Upon a close look at The Leader, the front of the place has the door in the middle and yet on the McGill Café the door is not in the middle.  This didn’t seem right.  Maybe an addition was added at some later date.  I examined the front and back of the building, but could find no evidence of an addition.  However, taking a closer look at the enlarged photo I noticed that the entrance was much wider on the left side of the door way.  This could have been brought out even with the front.    The Leader has one window on each side, while the Café has two on the left side.  Anybody know??

Checking out the vacant lot between the Café and the Drug Store, it looks to me like the Café was right next to the Post Office, yet in the photo there is a space between then.  The top front of the Café looks higher and wider and has two edges.   This would indicate and addition was put on.  Again, I ask, does anyone know?

Lots of mysteries in the early days of McGill, but they are fun to try and solve.  There must be more pictures of this era hiding in a closet somewhere.  Hope some of you can find them.  Please let me know at Keith Gibson, P.O. Box 1315, McGill, Nv, 89318.