Vicki Crawford
Water rushes down Aultman Street on Thursday at about 5 p.m. due to a water main break.

The Ely Times

Water was gushing down Aultman Street last Thursday night, and with Aultman being a main artery for travel through Ely,  the water slowed traffic to a halt near the flooded area. Water was even reported gushing well over the curb near Sportsworld on Aultman.

City Administrator Robert Switzer reported that a water main broke at about 5 p.m.  Several city personnel responded, quickly closing down lanes, shutting off the water line valves and began digging operations to determine the extent of the water leak.

Water pressure was affected in several areas nearby, and as far as the LaFiesta restaurant on Great Basin boulevard.

City personnel with local law enforcement maintained traffic control until Nevada Department of Transportation was able to respond to the scene.

Detours sent traffic through residential areas to avoid the flooded area.

Upon exposing the water line, a significant structural failure was discovered with the result severe enough to heave the roadway in some places over three inches due to the pressure and amount of leaking water.

Repairs were started immediately, which included sectioning the failed portion of the steel water line and replacing it with a new PVC type line.

Switzer said the break in the line was likely due to the age of the pipe being close to 70 years old.

The steel water line on Aultman is due to be replaced as part of NDOT project that will  begin next year.

Crews worked through the weekend and finished the repairs earlier this week.