The Ely Times

Pete Goicoechea spoke briefly at the White Pine County Commission meeting to give them a brief update on what’s to come at the legilsative session in 2019.

Goicoechea did explain that giving an update as of right now was too soon, noting after election day he’d know where they we’re headed, stating that a lot depends on who is going to be governor.

Goicoechea mentioned he submitted and is supporting bill S151 and that is a special appropriation for the courthouse.

“The request  for $10 million, I believe in the conversation we’ve had you might not need that much, but it’s does give us the ability to negotiate,” he said. “It’s a pre-file bill and you’ll hear it early, I think a huge piece of that is going to be who the Governor will be and where were headed.”

Goicoechea also said he believes the big problem they’ll face in this state today is that Nevada is growing,  astronomically, “right here in this community,  unfortunately the growth is not enough to pay for the hole we have created in the budget.

“I think the present budget is about $800 million short, I’m going to tell you coming down the road I don’t care who gets elected Governor there’s going to be a revenue problem and I think how we address it at that point is going to depend on who the Governor is. Anyway, I think your going to see more revenues coming, a continue push down back to counties, to cities.”

Representation in the legislature was discussed as well, with Goicochea noting he didn’t think they we’re going to have any change in majority, minority, in the legislature.

“I think we’ll continue to be in the minority,” he said. “Looking at some facts the other night and it’s kind of scary, there are three senators in the state that represent all 17 counties, there are 16 that represent Clark County alone in the Senate, and I guess that’s why I’m concerned about what this election brings, because we could very well be in the state of Clark. I don’t know how we fix it.”

Goicochea said he would also support a bill for White Pine School District that could possibly give the school district access to some emergency funding. The old Ely Grade School building is well over a 100 years old.

“I don’t know that there’s ever been in an election cycle where the Governor seat has been so critical for us and rural Nevada,” he said.  “I don’t really know Sisolak, I know he’s a businessman, but he’s from Clark County, and I’m concerned and it might know go well for the rurals, and his heart is in Clark County.”

County Commissioner Gary Perea expressed his concern about going back and forth to Carson to testify and asked if there was a way to testify from White Pine via video conference.

“It was the last session we got notified the night before, we had to make that trip, if we have the ability to testify from here,” he said.

Goicochea said, “That was on the courthouse, hopefully, we will do a better job this time on notification.”

Goicochea, did note that a third of the assembly and senate will both be new.