Submitted by Minnis Alderman

The thought of the Reno/Las Vegas Catholic Diocesse’s “CHEAP OFFER” resulting from the “gift” of the construction company, prompted the Choir Accompanist and the Choir Director to determine the Tabernacle’s possibilities for the Choir’s mission. Mary Harrison and Minnis Alderman with their flashlights felt that the structure seemed very sturdy with its foundation as built by the Brigham Young ancestry. But power was needed to really see for sure the needed repairs, etc., to return the building for community use.

Mt. Wheeler generously donated the power. Mary and Minnis returned with no flashlights needed. The first thing they discovered was that it was not crumpled carpeting they had walked on in the dark, but some 113 dead pigeons! The pigeons were unable to get out of the Tabernacle after the windows were boarded up. The light power also revealed the extreme filth. The two restrooms needed updating. A waterpipe had burst, resulting in the hardwood floor in the lower level completely damaged. Someone had bombed the gazebo in the park across the street – thus vibrating damage to come of the plaster inside. Some of the repairs needed: bathrooms; new roof over the kitchen immediately; main roof – new roof later; painting in the entry way – now; top octagon-shaped windows; front steps – later full replacement; screened frames on windows; furnace; kitchen uilities; plaster almost every place; painting all over; almost all the windows.

The next step then was to gain the costs of the needed repairs before the Tabernacle could be opened for us.

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