Our recent Question of the Week was: Deer sightings have become more common in the streets and parks of Ely. Do you enjoy seeing them?

We received over 38 comments.  Many commented they enjoyed seeing them, and some had concerns, below are some of the comments:

Gabby Luke Smith – Yes, We have them in our yard in Ruth everyday.  The babies are so trusting we can walk right up to them, they don’t even budge lol.

Darren Gregersen – I do hope everyone is aware, as beautiful as mule deer are, they are very dangerous when they feel threatened. I’ve personally watched a mule deer destroy a mountain lion. Look but please stay at a distance.

Jason Nicholes – Will people love them so much when their main predator, the mountain lion follow them in to town and perhaps take one of their dogs, cats or kids? Also, when the rut starts and an aggressive buck stomps their pet or gores a person.  Keep wildlife wild.

Trish Wallis – Always, they come in our yard and munch on our plum tree.