By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

This week’s Sheriff’s Corner I would like to bring the residences of White Pine County up to speed on several grants that the Sheriff’s Office has received. Since 1989 the Sheriff’s Office has applied for the Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant. This grant funds the Eastern Nevada Narcotics Task Force. The task force is a tri county effort between White Pine County, Eureka County and Lincoln County to battle against illegal drugs in our communities.

The task force takes the leading role in investigating drug related crimes within these three counties. The task force works directly with the Nevada Division of Investigations and is supervised by Sgt. Chris Brewer an employee with the state of Nevada.

This year the Sheriff’s Office was successful in obtaining $81,000. to assist in paying for the deputies wages, training and equipment that are assigned to the task force. Along with the money received for the task force the Sheriff’s Office also applied for a grant to obtain a narcotics trained detection K-9. We were successful in obtaining $12,328. so that we can purchase the K-9 and also send a deputy to be trained and certified to handle the new dog. The K-9 will be certified in the detection of controlled substances which will assist deputies in locating illegal drugs in vehicles, homes and other areas in our community.

I would like to thank Sgt. Chris Brewer with the Nevada Department of Investigations for helping me in writing the two grants for these projects. Sgt. Brewer for the last 12 years has taken that responsibility on and has been successful is keeping our task force up and running.