ELY—The Bureau of Land Management Ely District Thursday fully contained the 32,215-acre Goshute Cave Fire, about 55 miles north of Ely, Nev., but hazards remain and people are encouraged to stay out of the fire area.

Hazards include rocks and debris that can rapidly roll downhill without warning due to loosened soils caused by a lack of vegetation. Burned trees can instantly fall, in whole or part. Either occurrence can result in serious injury or death. Undetectable and oft-times deep holes containing still-smoldering material can cause serious burns and other injuries if stepped in and rain or snow on loosened soils can result in mud and debris flowing miles downstream from the fire area creating hazardous road conditions.

The lightning-ignited fire that was first reported on August 13 burned in and outside the Goshute Canyon Wilderness in White Pine and Elko counties.