We finally get to discuss the financing for roads…..The RTC (Regional Transportation Committee) is comprised of both City and County.  From the City we have Councilwoman Gardner, City Engineer,  BJ Almberg and our Street Supervisor Russ Merritt.

The RTC funding is fuel tax dollars coming from the state and left up to local  governments to decide how it is dispersed.

For instance, last summer the Murry Street Project was financed by RTC funds and just recently a portion of Mill Street was finally addressed.

Now that the City and County have an inter-local agreement with the Road Departments, we are able to share equipment, labor and projects, which is a huge cost savings to both Governments.

The RTC is able to purchase all kinds of road equipment to lend to both entities, again another big savings to the City.

Before we even think about replacing a street, we have to consider the condition of our underground.

Some of our pipes are 50-70 plus years old. RTC dollars can not be used for underground utilities so the City has to find money elsewhere to finance these activities.

CDBG funds can be used for specific underground projects and we can also secure other grants or loans which is cost sharing.

The Murry Street Project was a three block project had a cost of approximately $480,000.00.  It has been estimated that it would take 1.5 million dollars to complete the rest of Murry Street, which is cost prohibited at this time, but the City has many roads that are in dire need of replacement or repair.

The bottom line is always MONEY……Next week, some thoughts, ideas and long range goals from our Road Supervisor.

—Thank you, Mayor Van Camp