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Ready to start the ride.

Submitted by Utah Highway Patrol Sergeant Greg Kelsey

Courtesy photo
From left: Deputy Richard Warren, MSCO; Lt. Rob Clark, MCSO; Sgt. Luke Shade, WPCSO; Deputy Tyrel Curtis, MSCO; Trp. Rick Knudsen, NHP; Trp. William Boyer, NHP; Trp. Alan Pedersen, UHP.

On September 20th 2018,  representatives from the Utah Highway Patrol, Nevada Highway Patrol, Millard County Sheriff’s Office and White Pine Sheriff’s Office joined together to provide bicycle safety education to the students of the schools in Baker, Nevada and Garrison, Utah during their annual Wheel-a-Thon event.

The Utah Highway Patrol has a goal of interacting with as many of the youth and residents of our state as possible, to provide safety education and promote positive relations between youth and law enforcement.

Since the residents of the Great Basin area reside in both Nevada and Utah, teh Nevada Highway Patrol and White Pine Sheriff’s Office were asked to join with UHP troopers and Millard County Sheriff deputies

As the children participated in their yearly “Wheel-a-Thon” they would encounter officers from the various departments and offered brief safety lessons. Following the Wheel-a-Thon, everyone gathered for refreshments and a raffle for prizes such as bicycle helmets and T-shirts provided by the the Utah Highway Safety Office as well as Nevada DPS, and Millard County and White Pine County Sheriff’s offices.

The Utah Highway Patrol expresses it’s gratitude to the local schools for allowing us to join in their event, and to the representatives of the law enforcement departments that participated. Trooper Alan Pedersen, who coordinated the law enforcement portion of the event, Trooper Gordon Mortensen, UHP; Lt. Rob Clark and Deputies Richard Warren and Tyrel Curtis, MCSO; Sgt Luke Shady, White Pine SO; and Troopers Rick Knudsen and William Boyer, NHP, and especially NHP Sgt Michael Simon, and White Pine Sheriff Scott Henriod for sending these fine officers from Nevada to join us.