Koltan Boone Tilford May 16, 1989 – Sept 9, 2018. Koltan passed away near Baker California at age 29. Koltan lived life on his own terms which many misunderstood. His way of life was altered from societies “normal” due in part to mental illness. In many ways he lived life to the fullest. He was smart, intuitive and above all, happy. Some of his greatest joys in life were Mt. Wheeler Peak, his time spent in Costa Rica and his trips to Burning Man. He is now free from the restraints of this world and reunited with his best friend, brother, and partner in crime, Cody Niman.In a letter from 2011 Koltan wrote, “I need to start a journey. It is a journey that will take physical endurance, but one that will push the limits of my mind. I feel this uncontrollable need to take it to the edge. Maybe I will. Eternity is something that we learn before we leave this life.” Koltan is survived by his mother Brenda (Hunt) Boren, father Brian Tilford, sisters Jordan Tilford and Emma Boren, Maternal grandparents Bruce and Maryetta Hunt, Paternal grandparents David and Edith Tilford, Aunt Melissa Strouse, Uncle Robert ( Annette ) Hunt, Aunt Susan (Russ) Rogers, Uncle John Tilford, Aunt Jennifer ( John ) Tilford Allen, Cousins Adam (Justine) Strouse, Jacob Strouse, Johnathan Hunt, Anneliese Hunt, Moriah (Jacob) Manning, Kade Rogers, Thomas Tilford, Lily Allen and numerous other relatives.Words cannot express the gratitude to the residents of Ely who helped watch over Koltan. Our family would like to extend a special thank you for the kindness, understanding, and patience given over the years by Matt and Nick from the WPCSO. In Koltans memory, always be kind.