Courtesy photo Catie Murphree, young actress served up some delightful treats at the Mur-der Mystery Dinner

Last Saturday night, the Ely United Methodist Church hosted a sold out Mystery Dinner Theatre. Guests were treated by the authentically wardrobed child actors of the Ely Children’s Community Theatre, all of whom carried out their personas with perfection! As well, the adult actors facilitated the flow of the evening without a hitch. At every turn, the guests became hungry for more.

The first set of clues came between appetizers and salad as household guests were interviewed about the crime. As the dinner guests had time to “digest” the hints and form opinions about potential suspects, their bellies filled, and their intrigue intensified. After the entree, more interviews were held by the inspector. The actors stayed in character the entire evening, and by the time dessert was served one table had four suspect behaviors to chew on! They debated the merits of each suspect character over coffee before their deductions were collected by the wait staff.

What fun each and everyone had. The child actors perform regularly throughout the year and often need to earn money to purchase the license for their next play. Watch for their next production. The Ely Children’s Community Theatre will surely quench your thirst for entertainment.