Growing up in McGill during the 1930s,40s and 50s, we all had a lot of buddies that we did different things with each day. Some liked to go hiking up the mountain, some played baseball , spent the day at the wonderful McGill pool, go hunting and some liked to tinker in the basement or garage. No matter what one liked to do, there was always a buddy that wanted to do the dame thing.

Such a lifelong buddy was Kendal Horton. He had two brothers, Phil and Gordon. Now Kendal and Gordon were older than me and Phil was younger. Phil left for Reno and had a fish store and Gordon left for Reno and other parts. Kendal ended up with the IRS and retired here. He lived in Duck Creek when I was living out there, so we did a few things together.

He always had a guitar with him and loved to sing the old western tunes. He always had a smile and was a happy camper all the time.

Now, he liked to kid around like all of us did, so one year I decided to kid him a bit. I lived up at Bartley’s place and he was living at the KCC dam. I called him one day and told him that a small herd of elk had come running thru the place. Several of them ran across the cement patio and jumped the benches I had built there. I knew that Kendal was an avid hunter, so I told him that one of the elk had tripped while jumping the benches and broke a leg. I asked him what he thought I should do. His quick reply was to put it out of it’s misery and then he would come up and help me hang it in the barn and skin and cut it up for our freezers. I told him that I could not do that. He said that he would come up and do it. I kept telling him that it was impossible. He finally asked me why not and I told him it was April first. I had to tell him 3 or 4 times before he caught on and then the phone line melted. Hey, I thought it was a great April fools thingy.

One day I saw him walking up the road and stopped to see if he needed any help. He said he was getting in shape for his upcoming class re-union in a few months. He had also bout a Bo-Flex exercise unit and was working out every day. I told him that those cute high school girls he remembered were now as old as he was. That is not the reason he informed me. He said there were several guys that used to push him around in school and he was going to pay them back. After the re-union, I asked him if he did just that. He said that there was no need, because the photographer had asked the boys to kneel down on the floor in front of the girls and he was one of the few that could get up by himself.

Kendal was one of a kind and it is sad that he is not around anymore, but he left us all with a lot of wonderful memories of fun times. I have several videos of those times that I cherish.