Dear Editor,

When Tony Defelice decided to open his food business he had to know of the competition he would encounter and the fact he chose to serve a food that would be in competition with McDonald’s, Carl Jr.’s, Denny’s, etc. It is not the food trucks that are competing with Tony Defelice. Most of the food trucks menus do not compete with Defelice’s business but provide additional food service. It appears that he is not accepting any fault for poor business showing and trying to blame the food trucks. Tony is a City Councilman and he is showing a conflict of interest between a councilman and a businessman and should step down from the council. Basically, he is saying is if I cannot beat you in the kitchen then I will beat you through politics. Definitely not a sign of a competent councilman or businessman. Any councilman (woman) that sits on the council and uses their position for administrating a business that they are associated with should be removed from the council immediately.


Orval Draney