Eric EsparzaThe staff of SVHS is proud to announce the student of the month for October 2018, Eric Esparza. Eric is a senior and has attended SVHS since Jan. 2018.

Eric is 17 and has lived in Ely for about 4 years. He likes to earn money and is currently working at Racks. Willing to wash dishes until he graduates high school next June, he then hopes to work at Robinson Nevada Mining Co. in the lab or driving a truck. He enjoys coming to school because he not only gets to learn, but he also gets to hang out with his friends. One movie that he can relate to is American Me. Another movie he likes is Blood in Blood Out. Eventually, he would like to move back to his hometown in California. He would also like to visit a few relatives who reside in Mexico. Although he has had a bumpy road so far, he has learned from some of his mistakes and is optimistic about the future.

Eric was chosen as this month’s Student of the Month because he is a very loyal and appreciative student. He is grateful that the staff and students at SVHS have accepted him and did not let his past determine what they thought about him. He appreciates what this school has done for him and shows each day that he is trying to do away with the negative image he had at WPHS by showing up everyday, working hard, and doing what is required of him. He has dramatically improved his attendance – from missing almost half of his Sophomore school year at WPHS to being 1 or 2 days away from perfect attendance at SVHS. He strives to stay green and not fall behind in any of his classes. He gets along with pretty much everyone at SVHS and has grown into a dedicated, attentive student who is well liked among his peers.

SVHS staff is happy to recognize and celebrate Eric’s accomplishments thus far into the school year. He has been a great addition to our school and we are looking forward to having him attend SVHS for the rest of the school year and will wish him all the best in the future after graduation.