The White Pine County Commission appears to be moving forward with its efforts on creating new housing in White Pine County.

At a commission meeting last Wednesday, an agenda item was discussed to approve Assessor Burton Hilton to work with Basin Engineering along with Building Official Brad Christiansen to parcel out specific county owned property. The property is located at 18th Street East.

Hilton explained to the commission that he and Christiansen have had numerous discussions with Basin Engineering, about zoning issues. Chairman of the Commission Richard Howe stressed several times the importance of this item.

“I’ve had several meetings since then, this is to parcel out this land to move forward to build 17 houses,” Howe said.

Howe explained that this was not the entire 62 acres, but would be a great start for the opportunity and necessity to build in White Pine County.

Zoning would have to go through the city.

Commissioner Shane Bybee, said, “We got to do something that spurs some development and growth.”

Howe said, “We’re utilizing county property to start this first phase. We cannot grow as a city or county without housing.”

Hilton noted the expense would be $3,854 for the county to do this.

Commissioner Gary Perea said, “My concern is, this is to generate hope in interest in housing, I’m just not sure this is going to do what it’s supposed to do.”

McKenzie made the motion, a second was made by Bybee and it was approved unanimously.

A request to amend a proposed ordinance regarding business licensing in the county. The amendment would have granted an exemption to a business having to obtain a county business license if they were exempt under state law.

Howe asked the commissioners if they had any input or questions.

Bybee said, “I’ve said before I think this is foolishness, we’ve got a very simple licensing plan, it’s very inexpensive, you either license everyone or you don’t. I really don’t see changing our ordinance.”

Perea agreed, as well as Howe.

Commissioner Carol McKenzie asked why this was proposed and if there were complaints about it.

District Attorney Mike Wheable commented, “Mr. Odgers was here and talked about how they believe all agriculture is exempt, and that’s kind of where this came from.”

“It’s a really elaborate scheme with different schemes and we have this flat rate of $50 a year $75 up front and $50 after that, we license all business or we don’t license businesses.” Howe agreed.

No motion was made to amend the ordinance.