The world class baseball field in McGill is hardly being used anymore. When I was a kid the whole park was dirt. There was no grass. The grass came about in 1949, when the outfield was dug out and leveled to the way it is now.

The grandstand used to be on the corner of G street and the highway, where the centerfield fence is now. There was a large covered grandstand with open air bleachers on both ends of the grandstand. The team dugouts were at the ends of the bleachers. The infield was level, but from third and second base the outfield went up the hill to the grade school. The slope was the same as G street. I played centerfield and remember looking down on home plate.

Even though the field was dirt and small rocks, there were kids playing ball all the time. There were games played at night under the lights by the different town teams. It was called the Twilight League. Baseball was a big thing before TV. Many of us remember some of the older players talking about a previous ballpark. I never knew where it was and have been looking for years.

The mill looks close and the sample shed with the 5 large windows looks close, also. Anyone know what year the car was made? Looks like a scoreboard above the car. I have several baseball team pictures in 1913 with the same wooden fence in the background. So, just where was this field? Recently a photo came to light from a source in Goldfield, Nevada.

It is dated 1909 and was taken from below the McGill old time dairy. I have blown it up and cropped it to show what may have been the original ballfield. It looks more like a horse race track with the size of the grandstand, but the wooden fence and the proximity to the mill suggest it might be the long, lost ball park.

The houses at the 3 o’clock spot are the top houses on F row in “townsite”. I am not completely certain. Sometimes these old pictures were taken with a wide angle lens of some type that distorts the picture. Maybe there is some better photos or information. I can be reached at P.O. Box 1315, McGill, NV 89318