tabernacleBy Minnis Alderman

On Dec. 15, 1985, at its performance of Exceeding Great Joy in the Convention Center, the Choir announced its pursuit of acquiring “a place” for its mission to promote the advancement of several thousand dollars towards the choir’s acquiring the Tabernacle, the place for the choir’s mission was unquestionable.

Feb. 24, 1986, the choir began extreme money-raising. So, 1986 was very significant in the choir’s goal: 1) Knous’s donation, 2) wide community support for the Tabernacle, 3) Tom Bath’s recommendation of first order of repair (secure the windows), 4) Jason Everts volunteer work, 5) Russell Rodgers donation of window glass, 6) Ely Municipal Court, 7) Honor Camp, 8) constant volunteers, 9) wide community support of ALL the fine arts.

So what are the fine arts?

Performing: Speaking, acting, singing, instrumental, dancing, concerts, drama, movies, TV, radio, cartooning, opera, music, concerts, culinary

Visual: Architecture, art, sculpture, dance, photography, crafts, drama, antiques, pottery, pictures, painting, set design, costuming, make-up, cartoons, lettering, posters, road signs;

Literary: playwrites, speaking, debate, radio, poetry, essay, editorials, books, articles, reporting, stories, oral history, journalism, novels, plays, newspaper, magazine, TV, internet, computer, letters, speeches, reports, shortstory,

The Tabernacle – with all it’s assets and community support, the Place, unquestionable.