Special to the Times

The Great Basin Water Network’s Board of Directors announced that it has hired Kyle Roerink as the organization’s first-ever executive director.

The decision comes as the Water Network continues to fight the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s 300-mile, $15 billion pipeline, which would remove 58 billion gallons of water annually from the heart of the Great Basin and lower parts of Eastern Nevada’s water table by up to 200 feet.

Roerink, who formerly worked for Rep. Dina Titus and the YES on Question 6 energy campaign, will lead the organization as it fights legal battles in state and federal courts, defends the integrity of Nevada water law, and grows the Network’s coalition. He will continue the organization’s advocacy for smart conservation practices in lieu of expensive and unreasonable pipelines that will destroy water-dependent businesses and communities, indigenous cultural resources, a National Park, National Forests, and National Wildlife Refuges.

“For 13 years, the Water Network has been fueled by a volunteer army that has unflinchingly worked to defeat a project that will harm SNWA ratepayers, destroy our natural resources, and decimate local communities,” said Abby Johnson, president of the Board. “We’ve worked to secure major victories in courts, the Legislature and in regulatory bodies. But, thanks to the ratepayer-funded war chest of SNWA, the battle is far from finished. The board and countless members of our community who have selflessly invested time, money and effort will remain committed, but we believe it’s time to take this fight to the next level and bring on full-time staff.”

“For years, I have watched the Water Network and its legion of dedicated volunteers do what many thought was impossible: Stop the water grab in its tracks,” Roerink said. “GBWN has united a coalition like no other in the state to advocate for sound water policies. It is a privilege to stand with the organization on the front lines as it continues to fight this costly boondoggle.”

Great Basin Water Network is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working for sustainable water policies that protect the Great Basin’s watersheds for current and future residents – human, animal, and plant. GBWN brings disparate communities together to preserve the West’s environment, communities, and cultures.