By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

December 3, 2018

Parking and storing of vehicles and trailers is my topic for the Sheriff’s Corner this week.

The Sheriff’s Office receives several complaints a month about vehicles and trailers that are being stored on public roadways. NRS 484B.483 is the law that the deputies refer to when they receive a complaint or observe this statute being violated.

The law basically states that you cannot park your vehicle including trailers on a roadway for more than 72 hours.

It also states that you cannot park a vehicle on a roadway to do repairs, unless it is in an emergency situation.

If a deputy observes this violation they will place a red tag on the vehicle advising the owner or responsible person for that vehicle, that it needs to be moved or it will be towed.

The idea about this law is to prevent individuals from storing there vehicle on public roadways.

Snow plow operators, street sweepers, school bus drivers, postal delivery people, pedestrians and your neighbors truly appreciate keeping our streets and alleyways clear of clutter.

Thank you for your assistance in dealing with this issue.