Following the Choir’s announcement (at its Christmas performance of “Exceeding Great Joy” on Dec. 15, 1985) to pursue “a place” for its mission for the advancement of all the fine arts, 1986 became a very busy year.

With the strong support from the community and volunteers, the Choir really began money-raising and the determination of the costs of repairs and purchase of the Tabernacle.

Clean-up of dead pigeons and over-all filth were the first tasks. With glass donation from Russell Rodgers and volunteer work by Jason Everts, broken window glasses were replaced.

One person from court-ordered service recognized the need to seal off coal entrances from the alley (that prevented lots of trespassing) and improve the Choir’s entrances risers for use in the Tabernacle.

The risers had been purchased with left-over donations from the organ that the Choir had obtained in dedication to Reverand and Mrs. W/B. Corlett for their work in the community and their devotion to the Choir.

Pastor Corlett had obtained use of the Convention Center to house the Easter congregation for Easter sunday services. Moving an organ was a hefty task! The organ could also be used at the Convention Center until the Choir obtained “the Place.” This project took place in 1979.

The publisher of The Ely Daily Times under the management of George Carnes was the largest contributor to this project.

But, now, back to 1986 – next article!