A roundtable was held earlier this week to discuss the Fire & Ice event that is held annually in January of each year. In the past it’s been sometimes difficult when mother nature hasn’t cooperated with the snowfall and freezing temperatures.

Kyle Horvath, director of the Tour and Rec board, coordinated the meeting to come up with different ideas and suggestions that could make the 2019 event a winter festival that is eventful whether there is snow or not.

The event is scheduled for January 19 and 20. The first day of the event on Saturday would be focused on activities in town that could be either indoor or outdoor.

Suggestions such as tournaments that could vary from dodgeball, broomstick hockey, to a beer pong tournament. And outdoor activities could be anywhere from arctic frisbee, snow volleyball, snow tug of war, or a snowman building contest.

“We are aware of past events that have not been able to go on because of weather, one of the other things that came across was that a lot of the businesses, and hotels questioned why the event is at Cave Lake, noting that they were not seeing the economic impact in the downtown.” Horvath said.

The idea is to turn it into a two-day event that kind of encompasses the entire community. The train, Cave Lake, the downtown, Ward Mountain and everything that is within that boundary, Horvath explained.

Snowdown in Durango, Colorado, was where Horvath got his inspiration from, an event that is comprised of athletic events, kid events, music events, and more that has developed through 41 years.

The plan is to have two days of fireworks. One off the back of the train and one at Cave Lake.

The Birkebeiner, which is the oldest cross country ski race in the state, that has now incorporated a fat tire bike event and snow shoe race, that will be held on Saturday.

Sunday will be fun at Cave Lake that will still include the traditional ice horse shoe tournament, bowling, and the fireworks and the firing of the cannon.

Making sure that hotels and properties could do events so there’s a good flow of traffic was another discussion.

Horvath envision’s events going on throughout the community on Saturday,, the event on Ward Mountain, the train ride, the fireworks on Saturday night. A bonfire at the train yard, then everyone heads downtown, and events to be held in the local bars and taverns.

“ I would love to see a huge pile of snow get pushed into Sculpture Park and one of those teams create a sculpture right in the heart of the downtown,” Horvath said.

Eric Mencis with the Nevada Northern Railway mentioned the idea of free transportation across town that night being a great addition.

Horvath mentioned that if any hotel or lounge was interested in hosting an event, the Tour and Rec would be interested in putting a music venue at those locations since there is a budget for it. For example, if Shooters hosted a billiards event, the Tour and Rec would pay for a music venue there to encourage businesses to participate.

There was also mention of doing water volleyball at the Aquatics Center.

Th VFW will be hosting a dart tournament and Sunset Lanes Bowling alley is also looking at having a bowling tournament earlier in the day before the trains run later in the afternoon.

Do you have an idea? Do you have a organization that may want to get involved? Anybody interested in being on the schedule as part of the event is encouraged to contact Tour and Rec. No event is too big or small.

Contact Kyle Horvath at 775-289-3720 for additional information.