The Christmas Parade in McGill December 8, 2018 was a lot of fun. The weather was just great, lots of sunshine and warm enough for the local folks, especially after several frigid days recently. Right after the parade Santa and Mrs. Santa went over to the old emergency hospital in McGill that has been converted into a community center. The place had a beautiful Christmas Tree , and other Christmas decorations.

There were tables full of baked goodies from the local master chefs. Hot drinks were served. I tried one of the hot apple cider ones. It was topped with whipped cream and a large dollup of caramel. What a treat!! Everyone was in good spirits and happy.

I watched several young children come in the door and the moment they saw Santa, a smile came forth and the sparkle in their eyes was precious. It is a wonderful time for kids. I have seen that look in my own beautiful daughters and grandkids. It is a look that is exclusive for Santa and Santa only.

It reminded me of the long ago times in McGill when I was a kid and Santa came to town. There was a large party put on by the McGill Community League and was held in the Cyprus Hall or the I.O.O.F. Hall across the street. It meant a lot to us kids, especially during the WWII years when toys were hard to get. Each kid would get a large stocking with an apple, an orange and lots of nuts. At the bottom of the stocking was a small toy. There were several small striped candy canes mixed in the nuts. It was quite a treat. Things are different now. The Community League is long gone, but the Christmas spirit is still alive and well. That spirit is strong in the folks that devote their time to bring us such wonderful events. Thank goodness there are such people in our little community. A big Santa’s hats off to them. We do of course need more like minded folks to volunteer their time to keeping the McGill spirit alive and well. Please support your local community and we will all benefit. Have a Merry Christmas.