KayLynn Roberts-McMurray

The new Kellogg Art Gallery includes bookcases with art-related books.
KayLynn Roberts-McMurray
The new Kellogg Art Gallery includes bookcases with art-related books.

Making a grand entrance with its exhibition of art, Kellogg Art Gallery held its official grand opening last Thursday.

The gallery features work by Paul Kellogg, Aaron Miller and Cindy Havenstrike. Kellogg explains a gallery in the downtown area is a vision that he has had for quite some time.

Kellogg reached out to Miller several months ago after seeing the window art Miller had created during the window painting events in downtown Ely. The two collaborated to get the space where the gallery is located cleaned up and functional in just under a month, and opened up the gallery.

From impressionist, portraits, to local scenery, this gallery hosts a variety of art styles. Located on each side of the gallery are bookcases filled with art related books including instruction and technical books that show you how to create various types of art.

Curator for the gallery, and artist, Miller explained he plans on rotating the art as new work comes in. Plans for art classes are in the works as well. Kellogg and Miller both noted that they are currently coordinating with the Boys & Girls Club, and other youth organizations to bring art classes to the youth in White Pine.

“I’d like to begin holding a weekly class, where kids will come in, create a work of art and learn more about art in general,” Miller said.

Mayor Melody VanCamp was in attendance at the grand opening, She said, “Aside from an empty building being occupied, having a place for children and young adults to explore the arts is a big deal.”

Kellogg isn’t stopping with his art vision at Kellogg Art though, he has more plans for the downtown area, specifically, the Hotel Nevada.

Beginning Dec. 12, there will be 10,000 tiles available. The first 1,000 White Pine County residents will receive their tile for free by going to Desert Rose Ceramics at 1676 Aultman St. There you can paint your tile and it will be used to decorate the Hotel Nevada.

For additional information on hours of operation at Kellogg Art, contact Aaron Miller at 775-237-9017.