Submitted photo
Steptoe Valley Hgh School students help at the CACH Program.
Submitted photo
Steptoe Valley High School students help at the CACH Program.

Christina Uhl

Special to The Ely Times

The students at Steptoe Valley High School have always taken the initiative to help others who are in need in our small, friendly community of Ely.

Although a few students are required to engage in some sort of community service, the habit of helping will hopefully adhere throughout the rest of their lives. “Volunteering shows one’s inner integrity and one’s tendency to be mindful of others,” Christina Uhl noted.

After just three weeks into the school year, the students were already involved in the Career Fair at the White Pine High School, and have volunteered their time to the Committee Against Childhood Hunger (CACH) organization monthly.

The students also participated in the community beautification project by painting a Fall themed window display on one of the downtown buildings.

One afternoon each month, the CACH organization members and SVHS students meet up at the Oddfellows Hall to assemble the food “backpacks” that go out to students across White Pine who are in need of a meal and snacks over the weekend.

Students Kristi Stuebner, Jaden Rainey, Eric Esparza, Carson Howes, Zacharia Robinson, Roxxy McCutcheon, Jeffrey Starks, Hannah Randall, Weston Sampson, & Kodie Gledhill have all volunteered and helped assemble food “backpacks” so far, students have helped unload the pallets of food from the delivery truck. “Some of the best parts about helping them is doing good for the community and being able to help the ladies have less stress.” said Sophomore Jeffrey Starks when asked why he liked helping the CACH organization.

From packing up the cardboard boxes to be recycled to joining the assembly line and bagging, SVHS’s students, enjoy pitching in where needed.

The impact of volunteering can be felt by all involved.

Steptoe Valley High School students were also asked to participate in a community beautification project.

A few students collaborated and created an impressive design. Organizer of this project, William Sanford gave the students another opportunity to expand their creative, and artistic abilities.

Students Hannah Randall, Kristi Stuebner, Ranee Olson, Braelyn Ringlee, Carson Howes, Zacharia Robinson, and Roxxy McCutcheon painted the window scene.

Uhl, “When you are active or involved in activities within your community, you increase your sense of well-being and develop a sense of belonging. You take ownership and become proud of the work you help accomplish.”