Back to 1986! 1986 emerged with such tremendous community support of the Tabernacle, that the White Pine Community Choir decided to lease the Tabernacle (with the option of buying) from the Reno/Las Vegas Catholic Diocese. That provided opportunity of noting repairs needed and costs. Volunteers were a part of tremendous community support too.

Clean-up of dead pigeons and of over-all filth, replacement of broken glass, seal-off of coal entrances from the alley, and remodel of risers for use in the Tabernacle were mentioned in previous article.

Also mentioned previously were the damaged floors from a bursted water pipe. The Honor Camp came in and removed the damaged wood – the sub-floorings in the rest room and on the lower level were not damaged! So that tremendous cost was eliminated! Still remaining for immediate decision: repairs of the two restrooms (originally known as “water closets”); new kitchen roof; simple repair of the main roof and front steps; plastering (resulting from gazebo explosion); painting at least in the entry way; screens for the glass windows; new furnace; new kitchen and utilities; replacement of the top octagon-shaped window over the entrance.

1986 was an overwhelming year – MOSTLY GOOD! And even better, mostly: 1987