Students at David E. Norman Elementary have been focusing on writing as an essential skill. Children are learning that writing is an aspect of learning in all subject areas. DEN hosted a contest for all students kindergarten through 5th grade. The focus of the contest was what students were thankful for.

Students were supposed to write about three things they were thankful for at school and one thing they would like to change. Teachers presented their five best per classroom and a final first, second and third place were chosen from each grade.

Every student at DEN participated and many had some very interesting things they wrote about. Lennon Montoya, first place winner for kindergarten, wrote “I like my friends, teacher and school.”

Kambrie Ewell, first-place winner for first grade was very thankful by writing how thankful she was for her class because she can be smarter, also noting that people love school.

Second grader Katheryn Crosby, took first place in her class. Crosby said “I like Magic Tree House books, I like writing informative and narrative books. Ms. Kuenhard has WIG, which stands for wildly important goal.”

Cooper Reed, third grade first place winner had probably the most interesting writing. Reed explains how much he enjoys the Gifted And Talented Education program. “At gate we can do fun things like science, and read articles about animals. Mrs. Porter, Reed’s teacher appears to be another thing Reed is thankful for stating “whenever we get a question right, Mrs. Porter calls us smarty mcfarties.”

Addie Pekuri, fourth grade student, and Amaia Shedd, fifth grade student, also took first place ratings. Pekuri explains how she has gone to DEN since kindergarten, being thankful for her friends, choir and the safety of the school.

Shedd, thankful for the teachers, and principal. the GATE program and different classes “I am thankful for my school, I love my school.”