By Sheriff Scott Henriod


Well the end of the year is fast approaching and with that comes the time that no one looks forward to. Yes, income tax time.

The time to reconcile with the good old Federal Government. With that said the scammers also know what time of year it is and there preparing to steal your hard earned money along with your identification.

They do this by calling you on the phone and pretending to be an agent affiliated with the IRS. The caller can be pretty convincing and demanding. They will offer to help you with your taxes or they will advise you that you owe money and demand payment.

They might even tell you that the local police are coming to arrest you if you don’t pay. Well don’t fall for this scam.

The IRS does not call people and ask them if they can assist you in preparing your taxes, nor do they issue arrests warrants through your local Police or Sheriff’s Office.

Word of advice to avoid being a victim of this scam or any other is, never give out your date of birth, social security number, driver’s license number or any financial information over the phone.

The best solution to deal with these scammers is when they call hang up the phone and if they call back just keep hanging up. Protect your identity and I hope 2019 brings you much happiness.