KayLynn Roberts-McMurray
Construction on the new Holiday Inn in Ely is ahead of schedule and the hotel should be open for business in the middle or end of July.

The Holiday Inn Express is ahead of schedule on its construction of the building. Jason Woywod, with the Prospector gave an update on the progress.

The initial projected date to open the new hotel was the end of August to first part of September but with all of the progress they anticipate that date to be moved up.

“They are halfway through the project and anticipate opening at the middle or end of July 2019,” Woywod said. “This has been a team effort all the way around. We have utilized several local companies from contractors, surveyors, propane and trucking companies, to the lumber being purchased at Bath Lumber.”

The building was formed before all the storms hit, and construction crews are working seven days a week from sun up to sun down. And, that includes a 24 hour security team securing the perimeter.

During the winter months, crews will be tenting a portion of the building to continue the constructing of the inside of the building.

The 65,000-square-foot building is being heated 24 hours a day so it can be stuccoed and the construction progress can continue.

The drywall, electrical and plumbing on the inside of the structure will begin taking place at the beginning of February.

Recruitment for full-time staff will begin in the summer.

Woywod said, “We would like to thank the entire city, and we are very excited about opening in the summer.”