Marriage licenses issued for the month of December

Dani Colleen Marich and Lisa Suzanne Olson, both of Ely, Dec. 3

Jason Watson and Bridget Anne Jolly, both of Ely, Dec. 5.

Leonard Lynn Mathews and Tabitha Marie Danner, both of Ruth, Dec. 5.

William Roland Sanford and Pamela Dee Brown, both of Ely, Dec. 7.

Dalton James Rowbottom and Sonya Tiffany Lynn Mathews, both of Ely, Dec. 17.

Paul Neil Soneholm of Miramar, CA and Angel Nmimi Greely of Duckwater, Dec. 17.

Alex George Garcia and DeDe Monique Lemus-Ceballos, both of Ely, Dec. 17.

Jason Elwood Robinson and Judy Johnie Valdez, both of Ely, Dec. 21.

William George Panagopoulos and Amanda Lytle, both of Ely, Dec. 24.

Divorces granted for the month of December

Leonard L.M. Mathews and Sonya T.L. Mathews, Pro Per, Dec. 4.

Anna Marie Dohrman and Sean Dohrman, Pro Per, Dec. 12.