By Sheriff Scott Henriod


How busy was 2018 for the Sheriff’s Office? Well for this Sheriff’s Corner I would like to share with you the Sheriff’s Office statistics for last year.

The Sheriff’s Office responded to 8,087 calls for service, performed 3,598 traffic stops, wrote 1,124 citations, and made 646 arrests.

Without going into every call for service here are some of the calls the Sheriff’s Office received.

Investigated 205 domestic battery incidents, investigated 191 alarm calls, investigated 27 sexual assault, 197 theft calls, investigated 22 unattended deaths, investigated 11 coroner deaths, 30 child abuse investigations, 276 problem with a subject calls, 77 harassment calls, 40 burglary calls, and 1 homicide.

Deputies served approximately 1,052 civil papers, made 57 DUI arrests and investigated 233 traffic accidents.

These are just a few calls that the Sheriff’s Office received in 2018.

The deputies that serve White Pine County are dedicated to providing the best law enforcement service possible.

They are few in number and cover a large county, they do their very best every day to make our community a safe place to live and work.