January 7

WILLIAM HAYES KEHAULANI-KAMA: Guilty of a felony by virtue of the guilty verdict at trial. Court orders $25 AA fee, $3 GMA AA fee, $150 DNA fee, 1 day credit for time served, 120 months in NDOC with minimum parole eligibility of 48 months, suspended. 36 months term of probation. $350 PSI fee, $5,000 fine, 90 days in county jail. Defendant is remanded into custody.

Judge Steve L. Dobrescu presiding.

COLE DAVID SCHICK: Court orders defendant to enter and successfully complete 4th Judicial District DUI program under NRS 484C.340, $25 AA fee, $3 GMA fee, $60 Chemical Analysis fee, $2,000 fine suspended, 13 to 36 months NDOC suspended.

Judge Steve L. Dobrescu presiding.

VERONICA MARIE MARTINEZ: Court orders $25 AA fee, $3 GMA, $60 Chemical Analysis fee, $2,000 fine,24 to 60 months NDOC. Also that the defendant is allowed to leave the courtroom and to surrender to the Sheriff’s Office not later than 5:00 p.m.

Judge Steve L .Dobrescu presiding.

ANNA MARIE MCQUEEN: Probation violation hearing. Court revokes probation and imposes the sentence of 12 to 32 months NDOC on case CR-1709096, 165 days credit for time served. Also 12 to 34 months NDOC, suspended, 60 months term of and standard conditions apply on Case CR-1811112. Upon release, defendant will obtain a updated Substance Abuse evaluation. Sentences to run consecutively, defendant is remanded back into custody.