The White Pine County Tourism and Recreation Department offers three different grants annually;

Aid to Organization, Capital Improvements, and Outdoor Recreation Facility.  These grants totaled  over $250K to non-profits in 2018.  

Recently there have been many changes to the structure of the grants including what they grant, expectations of recipients, and their commitments to grant recipients. 

In order to clarify the changes and define the grant requirements, they are hosting 2 workshops on Monday, January 28, 2019, one at noon and one at 6pm to accommodate work schedules.  

The workshops will be held in the White Pine Room at the Bristlecone Convention Center located at 150  W. 6th street, in Ely. The workshop will cover the grant process, rules and requirements, and walk you through the application process.  Please RSVP by contacting the Convention Center at 775-289-3720.  

Grant Timelines are listed below:

Aid To Organization: 

Opens- Friday, February 8th 

Closes- Friday, March 8th by 5pm 

Presentations- Thursday, March 21st

Awarded- Thursday, April 18th

Reimbursements Evaluations Due-  60 Days after the completion of the project or June 30th, 2020

 Capital Improvements, or Outdoor Recreation Facilities:

Opens- Friday, May 17th  

Closes- Friday, June 7th by 5pm  

Presentations and Awards- Thursday, June 20th  

Reimbursements Due-  60 Days after the completion of the project or June 30th, 2020