The Ely Times

At a special Ely City Council meeting Monday evening, the approval of Robert Switzer’s resignation was the agenda item.

Councilman Tony DeFelice was absent, but the vote on approving Switzer’s resignation was unanimous with the other four council members voting to approve it. 

The second agenda item was for direction for city staff to advertise the position of City Clerk, City Clerk/Treasurer or City  Administrator in the various media outlets.  

Mayor Melody VanCamp discussed how she met with Mike Cracraft, Robert Switzer, Jennifer Lee and Rebecca from the front desk, explaining the adjustments that will be made due to Switzer’s departure.  

“Jennifer, who is a deputy clerk, will take the reins but not be saddled with all the responsibilities as there so much work. I am farming out some of those responsibilities, not appointing job titles, but more responsibilities, there will be a 5 percent increase in pay for those extra duties.”  

 VanCamp said, “Jennifer will do her usual duties, there is a lot she will be taking on, the election, minutes, etc. she’ll be responsible for POs, resolutions, grants, running the day to day business with City Hall. 

“Hinton and Burdick will pick up extra duties for the time being which means the budget, but they will need a point of contact, and that’s where I asked Rebecca to step in on this one in addition to her duties at the front desk. I asked Mike Cracraft to be the go-to person for all public works matters. He will be responsible for work meetings, scheduling, weekly daily projects, grants, etc.” 

VanCamp went on to explain if any problems were to arise that Lee or Cracraft are unable to handle, City Attorney Chuck Odgers would assist with.  

“Chuck will take care of all HR issues, compliance issues” VanCamp said. “And we don’t know how long this is going to take. If everybody works together this can move forward and be successful. If there are any problems whatsoever direct them to Chuck. This has to work, everybody is on board with this, we will meet once a week.”

Councilman Kurt Carson questioned if the liaison for the departments could help.  Carson expressed concern of all the staff being extremely busy, trying to find ways to help with the additional workload.  

After much discussion it was determined that what the mayor has put in place would be the best practice for now.  

“The council has to decide what the council wants to hire for,” Odgers said.

Carson said, “I always thought I would like a City Clerk and a Treasurer. At first I always wanted a City Clerk/Treasurer but I don’t think there are enough hours in the day for someone to do all that.” 

Odgers explained the council had three options: a city clerk, a city clerk/city treasurer or a city administrator which has some of the functions of both.  

“We know that trying to find a treasurer here is a task,” Odgers said. “You have to figure out what your’e comfortable with.”

Councilman Sam Hanson noted how the administrator position allows more flexibility. 

Carson said, “And I agree with that because I’m really uncomfortable not having a treasurer here that’s vested in our community. But watching Bob, he had a lot on his plate he couldn’t get to. I think splitting the two up there’s just not enough hours in the day.”

But Hanson reminded Carson that this agenda item wasn’t allowing them to do that.  

Hanson made the motion to advertise for a city administrator. Ernie Flangas- seconded it and it was approved with three council members approving of it, and Carson opposing it.