By Sheriff Scott Henriod 


In this Sheriff’s Corner I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate White Pine County dispatchers, Jacque Miller, Anastacia Wilkin, Sami Blackham, Taylor Archambault, and Shannel Head for recently attending the emergency medical dispatch training. 

These dispatchers attended a three day training course conducted by the Priority Dispatch Corporation. The training was held here in White Pine County. 

This training is to assist the Sheriff’s Office dispatchers in dispatching for medical emergencies. An emergency medical dispatcher is a professional telecommunicator tasked with the gathering of information related to medical emergencies. 

This gathering of information is then relayed to emergency medical services responding to the incident. 

The dispatcher may also provide assistance to the caller or person in need of the medical care by using the training they received in this class. 

The training they received is an essential part in helping medical personnel responding to the incident to be better prepared to provide the medical attention needed when they arrive on scene. 

Once again I appreciate our dispatcher’s dedication to the citizens of White Pine County, making our community safer and a great place to live.