The Nevada Highway Patrol is dedicated to promoting safety on Nevada’s highways.  With the recent increase of the speed limit on additional sections of Interstate 80 in Nevada from 75 miles per hour to 80 miles per hour; we want to advise the motoring public that the Nevada Highway Patrol will be strictly enforcing the 80 miles per hour speed limit.  

The use of headlights during daylight hours can improve visibility and safety, daytime headlight use also reduces the chances of being in a traffic crash.  On certain highways in Nevada, such as sections of US93, headlight use is required by law at all times.  

Seat belt use does save lives.  As soon as you sit in your vehicle, please buckle up and check that all the passengers in your vehicle are seat belted in too.  Seat belts are the single most effective safety technology in the history of the automobile. 

We also want to remind you to be aware of your surroundings and changing weather conditions.  Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition and your vehicle has plenty of windshield wiper fluid.  In hazardous driving conditions do not activate your vehicles cruise control.

In the upcoming days, weeks and months troopers of the Nevada Highway Patrol will be focusing greater attention to the enforcement of speeding vehicles, vehicles not utilizing headlights when required, and to drivers and passengers who fail to wear seatbelts.  

The Nevada Highway Patrol is asking you to drive safely and obey the traffic laws that are in place to keep you safe.  Thank you for your cooperation in making Nevada’s highways safe for everyone.