The Ely Times

Saturday will mark one month since toddler Alyahna Bliss passed away. As the investigation continues, only one arrest has been made so far; and that’s Maria Bliss, Alyahna’s mother.  

Bliss was arrested on Jan. 11 on the charges of child neglect and obstructing a police officer. Maria Bliss had a scheduled court appearance on Jan. 31 before Judge Stephen Bishop.  

Bliss’s legal counsel, Richard Sears, appeared in court on Bliss’s behalf. Bail was raised from $20,000 to $50,000. Bliss is currently in custody. Her next court date has been scheduled for April. 

The Ely Times obtained a copy of the criminal complaint and the declaration of probable cause arrest from the court. 

A criminal complaint was filed on Jan. 15 that stated  on or about April 25, the defendant, Maria Bliss, committed the criminal offense of abuse, neglect or endangerment of a child, by Bliss allowing her three year old child, Alyahna Bliss to be placed in a situation where she suffered unjustifiable physical pain and mental suffering.  How? By Bliss allowing her boyfriend to pinch and twist Alyahna’s breasts and nipples causing bruising.  

About nine months ago, the child’s father began reporting suspected abuse on Alyahna.  

On April 25, Alyahna’s father, Matt Bliss, reported suspected abuse after he picked up Alyahna from a visitation at Shooter’s apartments located at 714 E. Aultman, where Maria resided at that time.   

The report concluded that upon investigation by Deputy Andy Overson, the daughter had bruising around her breasts and nipples, which was photographed and documented.  Maria Bliss reported to the father that the bruises were from the victim falling at Cave Lake.  

During interviews with law enforcement on Jan. 10 regarding Alyahna’s death, Maria Bliss initially lied regarding this incident. She later admitting that her boyfriend, Colon Jackson, had caused the bruising from twisting the victims nipples. Bliss did not report this abuse until now.  

Sergeant Todd Fincher, arrested Maria Bliss on Jan. 11.  

April 2018 wasn’t the first time Alyahna’s care was questioned.  The Times previously reported Maria Bliss’s arrest in November of 2017.  

During this incident, Matt Bliss reported that during a child exchange there had been some problems with how the child was being cared for.  

An officer made contact with the individuals who had picked up the child from the exchange and one of the individuals was identified as Colon H. Jackson.  Jackson was arrested at that time for DUI and driving without a valid license.  

The other person was identified as Maria Bliss, who was arrested for child endangerment.  The case was later dismissed and Bliss was ordered to take parenting classes. 

The Ely Times also obtained documentation that included three previous occasions; Jan. 16, 2018, March 1 and May 30, where reports were made with the Division of Child and Family Services in regards to Alyahna Bliss.  

Alyahna died under suspicious circumstances on Jan. 9 at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City from suspected abuse according to the report dated Jan. 11.  

The White Pine County Sheriff’s Office, FBI and Tribal Police continue to investigate this case.