Submitted by Minnis Alderman

With the naming of the Centennial Fine Arts Center, 1987 progressed with accomplishments:

Dead pigeon removal; over-all cleanup of filth accumulation since the vacated 1980; and replacement of cracked window glass. Court-ordered services blocked off coal-shoot entrances from the alley, and repair of concert risers.

The Honor Camp removed damaged flooring and discovered the sub-floors had not been damaged in the west restroom and lower floor. Honor Camp did replastering (a result of gazebo-bombing) and painting inside the center. The Honor Camp also repaired the octagon-shaped window above the entry-way; re-cemented the south and west steps; removed non-usable kitchen utilities; repaired the main roof; removed the live pigeons in the attic and boared-up the attic to prevent their entrances; and then proceeded with other repairs and clean-up.

So when was the Center ready for use? How long was it vacated? Continue with the Ely Times articles.